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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Enhancing Your Netflix Experience: Must-Have Extensions for Chromium Browsers

Illustration of various tools and extensions for enhancing the Netflix viewing experience, including rating displays, video speed controls, and playback rewinding features.

Since Netflix only provides basic features as a video player, it would be a good time to check the tools you use to watch Netflix videos while the time to stay at home increases. When you watch Netflix with a chromium web browser, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, there are good extensions to install.

1. Trim: IMDB Ratings on Netflix


This extension shows IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings of movies and TV series on Netflix at the same time. The ratings are automatically displayed on the contents list, so you don’t need to click or hover on each Netflix video.

Netflix does not offer ratings for their contents. Instead, they recommend customized videos based on the user’s accumulated ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’. Through these recommendations, you may discover hidden contents that suit your preference that otherwise may not have watched in a lifetime.

However, there are so many videos to watch nowadays, so we need selection and concentration. And generally, the higher the rating, the more likely it is to be interesting.

2. Video Speed Controller


This extension allows you to control the playback speed of Netflix videos. There are some extensions to control video speed for Netflix including Netflix default mode, but most of them do not support shortcuts.

If you use this extension, I recommend activating ‘Hide controller by default’ in the settings. If you don’t check this, every time you watch another video or gif file on the Internet as well as Netflix videos, you can see the controller floating in the top left of the images, and it is quite intrusive.

Some videos include parts that are boring but vague to skip. For someone, it would be better to move this part quickly by using video acceleration. This extension will help to make the video interesting that otherwise would have been a boring memory.

3. Netflix Rewind 1 sec


This extension allows you to rewind or forward by the amount of time you specify.

If you have specified 5 seconds, you can rewind/forward 5 seconds by pressing “<”/"," or “>”/"." key.

You can also rewind/forward 10 seconds by pressing the left or right arrow key, because Netflix's basic shortcuts still work.

‘Video Speed Controller’ mentioned above also provide shortcuts to rewind for seconds you specified, but it doesn’t work.

In Netflix default mode, you can only rewind for 10 seconds. Sometimes, it’s too far to rewind for 10 seconds when you just want to see the scene passed just now. Through this extension, you can selectively rewind for 5 seconds as well as for 10 seconds.

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